Thursday, October 15, 2015

Drugs of Northwind

Black Lotus - Black Lotus is a lethal poison, but in controlled dosages, it has a profound affect upon the minds of spellcasters. When a spellcaster burns the dust of the black lotus in a bowl, and then spends one or more hours inhaling its dark green fumes (in a catatonic, drugged slumber), the drug enables him to temporarily increase his effective caster level. The number of extra levels gained is equal to the number of hours spent in drugged slumber. These extra levels last for a number of hours equal to twice the hours spent in drugged slumber.
The extra caster levels apply to all level-dependent variables in a spell's description (such as range, damage, etc.), and grants the caster additional spells as if he was of a higher level. Note that the spellcaster does not gain access to higher-level spells than his actual level allows. Other level-dependent attributes, such as hit points and saving throws, are not affected.

Bog Myrtle – Bog Myrtle induces Berserk States. The plant is generally chewed until the tongue goes numb, at which point the berserker effects take hold – generally lasting for 10-20 rounds. This drug is extremely popular among Norsemen.

Death Angel – A Psychedelic Dream inducing concoction made from fermented fungi. It has a deep red color and tastes like coagulated blood. The Psychedelic Dreams are vivid and there is a constant risk of Wisdom and Intelligence damage. There is also a 20% chance that accumulates 1% per use that the imbiber may actually astrally project while dreaming, permitting him to explore this world without being seen and the Astral Plane – and all the wonders and dangers that come with that. Characters slain in either the Astral or physical plains die in their sleep.

Pipe-weed – (also known as Halflings' Leaf or simply Leaf) was a plant developed by Hobbits, but has become widely popular across the Wilderlands. The leaf is smoked in a pipe and creates relaxed states of euphoria. It also seems to have a curious side effect, making one hungry for munchies.

Moon Sugar - is a grainy powder of small white crystals refined from cane grasses of Gasconfold coasts and estuaries. Used as a spice in Brushwood, it has modest magical properties, and is also a potent narcotic.
Moon sugar has a variety of uses; it is alternately a seasoning and a magical ingredient, a source of communion with the holy moons and a dangerous and addictive drug. It has analgesic and soporific effects; it makes users "happy and stupid."
In humans, its consumption causes a euphoric state followed by complete exhaustion. Moon Sugar is the drug of choice among Lion Men.

Skooma - is a hallucinatory narcotic refined from moon sugar. Extremely addictive, its victims are left in constant, alternating states of delusional euphoria and lethargy. Sustained use of the drug seemingly results in permanent confusion and mental deterioration.

Addiction: Any time a character imbibes in one of the drugs listed above, he must make a save vs poison or become addicted. While addicted, the character must make a new save vs poison each day or suffer temporary ability damage.
A character that becomes addicted must consume the drug every day, or save to resist the ability damage caused by addiction increases by -3.

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