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A Sub-Class of Witch for Norse Characters.

Commune with Spirits
Through force of will, Spae-wives have developed a method to call upon the spirits.: As Speak with Dead that may be cast as many times a day as the Spae-wife has levels.

Herbal Lore
Nearly all of the Magic Using Abilities of the Spae-wife find their roots in Herbalism. A Spae-wife may create Elixirs, which are lesser strength potions, she knows of in 15 minutes of uninterrupted time either in a laboratory or in the field, providing she has the ingredients, water, and a vial, bowl or cup.

Spae-wives can restore 1d4 points of damage to a wounded creature if they can reach it within four rounds after being wounded. This is accomplished through the use of bandages and herbal knowledge. Under the Spae-wife's ministrations, the creature will recover twice as fast than it normally would.

3rd level: The Spae-wife can tell how healthy any plant or animal is. She does this by sensing the strength of its spirit and determining its physical health from its appearance. To use this ability the Spae-wife must concentrate on the target for one round. The target must be visible and within 10 yards, and the Spae-wife must make a successful Intelligence check.

5th level: A Spae-wife can identify plants and pure water without error. This makes the Spae-wife's task much easier and means that there is little chance of inadvertently poisoning a friend. The Spae-wife becomes immediately aware of the overall health of all plants and animals within 5 yards, without having to concentrate or make any other special effort. DMs may still require Intelligence checks to discern the health of specific plants or animals.

7th level: With a successful Wisdom check, the character can sense the general level of spiritual activity around her, on the prime material plane. She can estimate roughly how many spirits are present within 20 yards and can distinguish between nature spirits–like telling tree spirits from air spirits, and whether or not the spirit present are even nature spirits.

9th level: The Spae-wife has such an affinity with the natural world that it protects and respects her. Animals are universally friendly to her– even the most timid are unafraid, even the fiercest are harmless. The Spae-wife may pass without trace through any natural area without leaving tracks or scent nor making any sound, and may automatically hide in natural cover as if possessing a 65% Hide in Shadows ability.

Second Sight
Second sight gives people the ability to see things beyond the ken of normal folk. It manifests in two ways. The first, and simpler, power of second sight is to see those things that are hidden by supernatural means. A person gifted with second sight can see invisible things without difficulty.
This primarily means the character can see spirits and hidden creatures.

The second power is the ability to see things that are to be. This prophetic ability of second sight mostly involves people. With second sight the seer can see a person‘s luck, and omens of the future.

Second sight can also be used to see events that will occur. For example, in Iceland there was an old wise woman with the sight who regularly foretold when the merchant ships
would be arriving for the season. What is seen by second sight will happen, no matter what measures are taken to avoid it. While most things seen by second sight come to pass relatively quickly, it is not unknown for the prediction to be fulfilled years later.

Second sight does have its limitations. Attempts to use second sight may not reveal anything interesting or extraordinary. Most importantly, this ability cannot be used to predict the outcome of actions. A character with
second sight cannot look at a chest and say that opening it would be bad, since this requires an action that may or may not happen (Upon hearing the prediction, nobody opens the chest and thus makes the prediction untrue). Characters cannot use it to foretell the outcome of a fight or a battle, although the seer could say whether one fighter or commander’s luck was good or bad. An event that depends on the specific actions of people, particularly player characters, cannot be determined through second sight.
As a last caution, the DM must remember that he is in charge whenever a character has a vision through second sight. If the DM has no idea what vision would be appropriate, then none need occur.

Some DMs may object to the gifted character’s ability to constantly see invisible objects. Most of the invisible things seen are creatures from the other world-dwarves,
huldre, tomke, nisse, and an assorted collection of sprites and fairies. Seeing such invisible creatures is no great blessing since they take a greater interest in those who can see them. The attentions of spirits are seldom desirable;
those with second sight are often mad or touched in the brain by their own power.

Elixirs that may be known and made:

  • Amnesia – Absinthe; Causes temporary memory loss.
  • Aphrodisiac – Caraway, Dill, Ginsing, and Jasmine. Save or victim falls in love with the first person in sight. Duration: 1-4 hours.
  • Aphrodisiac Antidote – Hellebore. 75% effective.
  • Charisma – Cinquefoil. Temporarily increases charisma by 1-4 points.
  • Cure Blindness – Anemone. 75% effective.
  • Cure Disease Type A – Angelica. Cures Lung Disorders. 75% effective.
  • Cure Disease Type B – Agrimony. Cures Blood Diseases. 75% effective.
  • Cure Disease Type C – Coriander and Thyme. Cures Nervous Disorders. 75% effective.
  • Cure Insanity – Peony. 75% effective.
  • Cure Paralysis – Asparagus. 75% effective.
  • Detect Illusions – Purslane. Range 20 ft.
  • Flying – Belladonna and Hemlock.
  • Friendship – Chicory and Celladine. All creatures within 20 ft. must Save or behave only in a friendly manner toward the drinker of this Elixir.
  • Heroism – Euphorbia and Vervain. Temporarily doubles the combat abilities of the imbiber, i.e. to hit, but not damage.
  • Invisibility – Fern.
  • Lock-Picking – Mistletoe. Adds 20-50% (1d4+1x10) lock-picking ability to any character, even those with no previous ability.
  • Luck – Saffron and Lotus. Adds +1 to all saves.
  • Minor Healing – Amaranth, Daffodil, and Bindweed. Heals 1d4+1 points of damage.
  • Poison Antidote – Basil. 75% effective vs. all types of poison.
  • Premonition – Mugwort. When in 100 ft. proximity to danger, the drinker will know of its presence and general direction, however the specific type of danger will be unknown.
  • Protection from Evil – Nettle. Keeps all summoned evil beings away from the imbiber only. Acts as a 1 ft. Circle of Protection.
  • Protection from Lightning – Laural. As above, but for lightning.
  • Protection from Lycanthropes – Wolvesbane. Works as above, but for all were-creatures.
  • Protection from Spirits – Fennel. As above, but works against non-corporeal undead.
  • Protection from Vampires – Garlic. As above, but for Vampires.
  • Magic Resistance – Ash Buds. Confers +1 to save vs. all magical effects.
  • Necromancy Resistance – Rowan Buds. As above, but for necromancy and evil Clerics.
  • Witchcraft Resistance – Elderberries. As above, but for Witchcraft.
  • Strength – Betony. Temporarily increases Strength by 1-4 points.
  • Truth – Sunflower. Acts as a truth Serum for any who drink it. The drinker does get a Save vs. Magic.
  • Augury – Prophet Tree Fruit. The drinker of this Elixir will be able to divine the answer to any single yes or no question.
  • Dreams – K'Tallah Leaves. The Imbiber will see visions of the near future. The visions are not usually specific, but are always truthful.
  • Climbing – Spider Plant. The drinker will have 85% climb any surface as a thief.
  • E.S.P. - Black Lotus. As the spell, range 100 ft.
  • Diminution – Shrinking Violet. Drinker will shrink to 5% of his or her normal size.
  • Growth – Shrinking Violet and Contrary Vine. The drinker will grow 5x his or her normal height.
  • Poison Antidote 2 – Cleric's Cowl. 95% effective vs. any poison.
  • Protection from Sprites – Sprite Bane. Keeps any type of Sprite away from the drinker, as per the other Protection Elixirs.
  • Cold Resistance – Snow Lilly. Cold based attacks will only do ½ damage to the drinker – ¼ damage if he saves.
  • Fire Resistance – Fire Lilly. As above, but for fire based attacks.

Level-XP-HD-Second Sight-Elixirs
1 0-1-
2 2,
20,000-5-50%- 8
6 36,000-6-
55%- 9
7 70,000- 7-
60% - 10
8 110,000 -8 -
65% -11
9 160,000- 9-
70%- 12
10 230,000 -+1 hp-
75%- 13
11 320,000 -+2 hp -
80%- 14
12 420,000 -+3 hp-
85%- 15
13 535,000 -+4 hp -
90% - 16
14 650,000 - +5 hp-
95%- 17
15 765,000 -+6 hp-
99%- 18

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