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Mushroom Man

Mushroom Man

Mushroom men are commonly found in wet, dark places deep in enchanted forests or deep beneath the surface world in underground caverns. Most Myconids are peace loving creatures of Lawful alignments that never venture far from their native lands, but there are a significant few who venture into the light in search of adventure. Myconids have superior night vision, able to see clearly in total darkness, however they are at a -2 disadvantage in full daylight. They vary in size from 2 to 12 feet tall, depending on their state of development, which shall be measured by their limited levels. They are also quite intelligent, though unable to verbally communicate, relying on telepathic communication achieved at 3rd level. Mushroom men are asexual, reproducing through spores upon their deaths.

Mushroom men may become Fighting Men, Thieves, Psychics/Psionicist. (should your campaign include psionic abilities) and Sporcerers of no more than 6th level. They may use weapons appropriate to their class, but cannot wear any standard armor due to their unusual physiology.

The following abilities are gained by all Myconids as they advance in levels:

1st level ability - Distress - Warns all nearby Myconids of imminent danger and/or calls for help.

2nd level ability - Reproduction - Seeds the ground with spores that eventually grow into a new Myconid(s). These are automatically released if a Myconid dies.

3rd level ability - Rapport - Allows telepathic communication between two or more Myconids (they don't speak), or any other intelligent organism, regardless of what, if any, language it normally speaks/understands.

4th level ability - Pacification - Causes any sentient creature to become, failing a save vs poison, completely docile for a short period of time (1-6 rounds + current HD of Myconid.)

5th level ability - Hallucination - These are normally used for mind-melding with other Myconids, but they can also be employed against aggressors to confuse/distract them while the Myconids escape or otherwise deal with the threat. There is, unfortunately, an element of risk in this, as an opponent(s) sometimes become even more violent under the influence of these spores. Save vs poison, those that save become enraged for 1-6 rounds.

6th level ability - Animation -Used to temporarily animate the corpse of a non-Myconid for several weeks by coating it with Purple Fungus. Myconids never kill other living things for this purpose; they simply bring back any dead bodies that they happen to find while out exploring nearby tunnels, caves, etc. These "zombies" serve as bodyguards/servants for the Myconid community--only the Myconids of 6th level can create these entities and they are not classified as Undead, because it's living fungus that animates them, not necromancy.


Sporcerers are a rare and magical mutation of the common Myconid, and as such, they accumulate levels at a reduced rate compared to the other classes available to Mushroom Men. They Attack and Save as Magic Users.

1 – 0 2ft tall
2 – 4000 4ft tall
3 – 9000 6ft tall
4 – 20000 8ft tall
5 - 42000 10ft tall
6 - 84000 12ft tall

These unusual Magic Users generate spores that emulate and tap into existing magical energies. They gain Spore Effects as follows:

Level Number of Effects per day
1st circle 2nd circle 3rd circle
1 1
2 2 1
3 3 2
4 3 3 1
5 4 3 2
6 5 4 3

Spore Effects – Resisting Sporcery is made as a Save vs Poison. Due to the physical nature of Sporcery, most spell effects have a radius of 10' and are to be considered Area Effect Spells, unless otherwise stated.

1st Circle

Spores of Sneezing – As effect of Dust of Sneezing and Choking.
Spores of Blindness – All those within 10' radius become blinded for 1-6+Sporcerers level rounds.
Spores of Itching – Cause a -4 to hit due to excessive and unbearable itchiness.
Spores of Burning – Spores ignite upon contact with opponent for 1d6 damage that smolders and burns for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Spores of Poison – Save vs Poison at -2.
Spores of Paralysis – Save vs Poison at -2, or become immobilized for 1-6 rounds.
Spores of Charm – As Magic User Spell.
Spores of Darkness - As Magic User Spell.
Phosphorescent Glow – Creates a dim otherworldly glow on whatever it is cast upon.
Detect Spores – Ability to detect spore usage within the last 24 hours.
Speak with Fungi – Ability to communicate with Fungus for as many turns as the Sporcerer has levels.
Slime of Slipperiness – As effect of Oil of Slipperiness.

2nd Circle

Spores of Stinging Causes recipients to attack at a -2 /defend at a -2AC for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Spongeskin – Reduces armor class by 1 and absorbs 1-6 damage for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Phantasmal Cloud – As the Magic User/Illusionist Spell Phantasmal Force.
Second Sight – Enables the caster to see Invisible Creatures/Objects for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Neutralize Sporcery – Acts as a specified Dispell Magic against other Sporcerers.
Neutralize Poison – As the Cleric/Druid Spell.
Caps of Healing – Causes 1-6 healing mushrooms to rapidly grow. Heals 1-6+1 damage per cap devoured.
Fungus Growth – Cause existing fungus to grow to giant proportions.
Slime of Stickiness – As the Magic User Spell Web.

3rd Circle

Control Fungus – The ability to control as many fungi as the Sporcerer has levels.
Fungal Parasite – Creates a malevolent growth that drains 1 level per round as the Sporcerer has levels.
Broth of Wisdom – This potion takes 1-6 turns to create, but drinking it grants 10%-60% Magic Resistance for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Broth of Regeneration - This potion takes 1-6 turns to create, but drinking it grants Ring of Regeneration ability for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Broth of Mind Expansion - This potion takes 1-6 turns to create, but drinking it grants Random Psionic ability for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Corrosive Slime – An acidic slime that damages for 1d6 and degrade armor by 1 point per round for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Flame Jelly – A stream of Flammible Jelly coats the target. When ignited it burns for 2-12 damage on the first round and 1-6 for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Summon Amorphite – Randomly Summons on 1d4 1-Green Slime, 2-Gelatinous Cube, 3-Grey Ooze, 4-Black Pudding
Telekinetic Slime – This thick coating will grant the recipient TK abilities for as many rounds as the Sporcerer has levels.
Spawn Fungus – Creates enough living Fungi to encompass the Area of Effect
Animate Non-Living – causes 1-6 non living materials to grow animating fungi. Each animated object may be considered as a Veteran Fighting Man with a 7-5AC, depending on the material animated.

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