Monday, September 28, 2015

Gnome Player Characters

Gnomes have infravision out to 60', but even a candle's worth of light spoils this ability.

Gnomes instinctively spot unusual or new stonework and slanting passages. They can also determine approximate depth underground, as do Dwarves. When actively searching for stonework or mechanical traps, they may find them on a roll of 1-2 on a d6.

Gnomes may hear faint sounds on a roll of 1-2 on a d6. They also have a keen sense of smell that may allow them them to identify potions on a roll of 1-3 on a d6.

When in melee with Giant type creatures, they take half damage from successful hits.

Gnomes add a +2 to all Saving Throws and an additional +2 to Saves against Spells, as they are a hardy and cunning people.

Gnomes speak Common, Dwarvish, and their alignment language, generally Lawful. They also speak several dialects of Kobolds, Goblins, and Hobgoblins.

Player Character Gnomes may be Fighting Men up to Fourth Level. They may become Magic Users up to Level 5, and may specialize as Illusionist, as per the Strategic Review article in Volume 1, Issue 4. Gnomes are also unlimited in levels as Thieves, as per the Greyhawk Supplement, garnering the same dexterity bonuses as Halflings, due to their size.

Gnomes are unable to use Longbows or particularly large weapons due to their size.

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