Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Caps of Red, Blood and Dread ...

Redcaps; a common scourge of the Wilderlands preying on travelers, adventurers and caravans alike. These diminutive terrors are best known for their blood-lust fueled rages and vicious tenacity.

While often referred to as goblins, this is not an entirely accurate classification, as they are in fact related closer to Gnomish blood, than to Fae-folk. The Bardic College of Northwind has on record a tale that further defines the Redcap as a Fae-cursed clan of Gnomes that were among the first of fell creatures to welcome the Black Mother of the Night to these lands and that she rewarded their faith with a lust of blood and battle.

Redcaps are extremely fond of their silvered halberds as a means of maximizing their damage potential in combat and as a means of making up for their small stature. As a whole, the race is gifted with almost supernatural quickness, which is oftentimes supplemented by magical iron boots of speed – most oftentimes a gift from fae-hating witches among their numbers who take perverse glee at the thought of stamped upon faeries.

A Redcap's blood-lust should never be underestimated, for the creatures will become twice as hostile and thrice as cunning with even the smallest drop spilled. Fresh blood invigorates a Redcap with speed and ferocity. The mere application of blood to a Redcap's skin is sufficient enough to enliven it such and the ritualistic practice of dipping their woolen caps in blood and gore finds its origin here from which their namesake is also derived.

While wildly prolific in the Northwind region, Redcaps have no nation to speak of and collect themselves in various tribes. Cooperation among these tribes is limited, largely in part from the Redcap's hateful disposition towards outsiders. This hate sometimes even manifests itself within a tribe, and inter-tribal murder is somewhat common and even cannibalism isn't unheard of among them.

Both The Merchant's Guild and The Council of Northwind have petitioned the Overlord to action over the growing Redcap threat to inter-county and international trade. As such, a regional bounty of 2 Silver Wyverns have been placed upon each head collected from a Redcap, regulated and collectable through the office of The Adventuring Guild of Northwind.

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