Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tethys Keep

Nestled into the southernmost wall of the Majestic Mountains is a small Northmen community with a turbulent past known today as Tethys Keep. Consisting of a mere 30 or so families, the village is best acknowledged as a rest for caravans journeying from Smite to Shewolf, although river trade from Omen is almost as common.

The Happy Troll Tavern receives most caravans and offers up fair hospitality to weary travelers, providing they're not of elfblood. Elves have a bad reputation in Tethys Keep, a stigma that dates back to the time when Lord Tethys was a Templar of the Church of Northwind. He was tasked to convert the Northmen heathens to the faith through St. Donor, but the stoic villagers clung to their Temple of the All-Father. When Lord Tethys refused to convert the people, the Church sent an Inquisitor and his cadre of Crusaders to do by force what Tethys would not. Lord Tethys appealed to the Elves of the Silver Forest to ally themselves with him against the Inquisition, to which they did not respond. Historical sages speculate that emissary to the Elves may have been intercepted by the Inquisition, moving faster through the Wilderlands than expected; but others dismiss this as the tongue waggings of Elvish apologists. In either event, Lord Tethys and what forces he could muster held off the Crusaders for several weeks. It was at sword point a grievously wounded Tethys held the Inquisitor and bade him and his Church to leave these lands alone to their rugged and simple way of life. Tethys is said to have collapsed and died in his garden as the Holy troops turned tail, never to return. 

While some of this tale is suspect to heroic embellishment, at least one of the locals insists every word of it is true; a dottering one eyed old man known simply as Old Sven, who claims his grandsire was an eyewitness to the events. It should also be stated that Old Sven is considered 'addled as a Troll in summer.'

The actual Keep was used as a gathering place for local government and a shrine to the fallen Lord for many years, but since those days, has fallen into disrepair with rumors of the spirits of the fallen Crusaders seeking vengeance upon the living faithful of the All-Father.

Today, the town is primarily run by a council consisting of Shieldmaidens of the Temple of the All-Father and the local constabulary.

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