Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Little Woman Tavern

Along Water-Rat Road in the City State of Northwind rests a curious dive calling itself The Little Woman Tavern. Upon paying the cover tax and entering this seedy establishment, one will immediately note the lack of standard tables or chairs. Here, in a decidedly eastern fashion, are close to the floor tables and footstools waited upon by scantly-clad Gnomish and Halfling serving wenches.

The wine and mead of this tavern is fair quality and entirely Hobbitish make, where as the menu is that of a Gnomish flavor. While the food is quite good, in a plain sort of way, it hardly is what draws in patronage. The primary draw is the rather exotic floor show of tiny acrobatic feather dancers. Sailors from many a distant port line up by the dozens to pay admission so that they might leer at these highly talented, yet extra petite ladies. Needless to say, potential hirelings and rumors from far and near thicken the air like so much Hobbitweed smoke in this rousingly popular nightspot.

Interestingly, the owner is neither Gnome nor Hin, but rather a oily looking elf of questionable character known to all as Harrison The Groomed. Often attired in peacock feathered robes with a carefully greased and sculpted coif, The Groomed One is the obvious 'Lord of the Manor' among his diminutive servants. The establishment is a known hangout for the Golden Sashes thieves guild, and on more than one occasion, this has caused friction with their rivals, The Brotherhood of the Rope. While none of the girls have ever complained of mistreatment, forced prostitution and connections to the Iron Ring of slavers is suspected by the Overlord's Watch.

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