Monday, April 23, 2012

The Foaming Flagon Inn

"I'd first 'eard of ye ole Foamin' Flagon back wen I wos but a lad in Jackport. Fine Uncle Teds, cold salmons an' a fair 'opping of gear for 'venturers. 'Magine me surprise wen I popped off Guardsman's Road an found me same ole sign swung inna breeze 'ere in Norfwind, just as it were back at me ole pope?! Turns out, it be the same ole place -- 'ey moved, 'ey did!"

Word has it, the jackanory above is only partially true. Chant is, The Foaming Flagon can move, but never by anyones will but its own. The Inn has been known to teleport from one town to the next, with absolutely no warning, always with the same staff and always the same layout. When questioned, the owner and staff seem puzzled, as if things had never changed and all of them seem rather well rooted and/or well versed in whatever town they are encountered in.

Of the Staff, it is commonly known that all of them, from serving wench to porter, have been (and in some cases still are) adventurers -- it seems to be a prerequisite to employment. Of the more notable persons are Melvara Forgecrafter, the master drawer, who seems to know all the local heresay.

The Taproom of the Foaming Flagon Inn is more than a gathering place for guests; it is, in many ways, the nerve center of the establishment.

The staff caters more to those who adventure rather than those who simply travel by offering a keenly supplied outfitter of dungeoneering equipment, oftentimes providing access to specialized gear seldom found elsewhere, such as telescoping 3'/10' poles, Chisels, Prybars, Stakes and Mallets of every size and variety, including Silver; Rope and Chain of various lengths, weights and materials, coins enchanted with all hues of never-dowsing light (including a curious strobing variety as well,) Sweetwater Pellets which render foul water potable and a small (but expensive!) collection of Wheelock Pistols and other smokepowder firearms.

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