Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dæmons of Dalek

Whether catalogued as Columns of Chaos, Gizmogs, Dæmons of Dalek, Exterminators, or Perilous Pillars of Pazuzu; there is no uncertainty to the obscene heaping of death and destruction that these entities are capable of unleashing. Though not seen in these regions since ancient times, there has been a few reports to the Adventuring Guild of Northwind describing what is most likely the awakening of a dormant cache of these metallic terrors.

The only surviving reference to the Daleks, a set of adamantine disks, dates back to the time of the Empire of Y'th, when all manner of serpent men dominated the progenitor race that would become men. These disks have etched upon them the precise shape of these construct entities, complete with lightning bolt representations of their most destructive attack.

It is widely thought by sages that the Daleks destroyed the Y'th, but in doing so opened the world to utter destruction at the claws of The First Dragon Tyranny. Whether the Daleks were sought out by the Y'th in their quest for supremacy or whether the Daleks sought out and hunted the Y'th to extermination is still a matter of some debate among scholars who delve in philosophies of antiquity. Church Templars have deciphered few of the glyphs etched upon these disks, but followers of St. Mitra, who's traditions are far older than The Church itself, believe the Daleks are not Dæmons, nor are they of this world, but from another world far away in the night.

Interestingly, the last report made concerning a Dalek came from a ill-fated expedition to the Ruins of Stonehell in the Iron Hills, where serpent men activity was also reported.

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