Monday, April 23, 2012

The Disciples of Doom (Pox Prophets)

Some twenty leagues south of Wyrewood lies smoldering the Ruins of Corpsewatch, a once valiant and fortified city-state that stood against the swarming hordes of the walking dead. The Days of the Scourge brought low the Stoic Sentinel of the South, when legions of Orculli, Gnolls and unspeakable horrors cast down the walls of the vigilant city-state with dæmonic fervor. Eyewitnesses, few though they are, tell tales of unbridled evil loosed upon the surrounding countryside; that fell beastmen torment the living as the dead are given unnatural life by hellish dæmons.

There are also tales of a hideous pale phantom which stalks the hillside hovels, and in its wake sickness and fever have flourished. It is said that those whom have seen this dreaded figure become enchanted and infected by his otherworldly visage and add themselves to his growing thrall of sickly followers. Garbed in filth-stained robes, once bleached as new fallen snow; this rabble bears a undyed woolen standard drenched in pox-tainted blood, grizzly topped with the decaying remains of a slaughtered ram as it aimlessly marches from village to village.

Calling themselves simply "The Disciples,"(more commonly being called the The Disciples of Doom or Pox Prophets by others) their charge is to follow this specter of death and decay and witness its judgment of mortals so that they might be blessed in the next life. They do nothing to actively spread the sickness they carry (though their presence alone may be enough to accomplish such a feat) nor do they aid or comfort the stricken.

These tales are not simply yarn spinnings told in late night taproom of bawdy taverns, but have been discussed among various brethren of more notable Guilds; including the Jewl-Cutters and the Stone-Masons, who have so much as suggested fleeing these lands before the plague is upon us all. The Church of Northwind seems strangely quiet concerning these rumors, but despite the widely discussed Fall of Corpsewatch, there has been no sign of slowing to the number of young knights and clerics moving through the Burroughs on cryptic quests into the Southlands.

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