Monday, April 23, 2012

A Brief Ecology of the Bugger-Bear

The documentation of various Beastmen tribes has been of extreme interest to both the Adventurer's Guild and The Church of Northwind (though there is some disagreement between the two on certain points, particularly concerning the origin of Lionmen and Centaurs.) The Orculli proudly proclaim to be the Children of Orcus, and are uniformly devoted to the God of the Dead where ever they are found; but they are not the only race said to be sired by a dark god.

According to writings recovered by The Adventuring Guild and confessions extracted by The Church of Northwind's Inquisitors; The Black Bitch-Queen, The Dark Lady of Shadows, also known as Glasya or Glazya, has been said to have conceived a demigod son, a hedonistic prince of fleshly evil, with the aforementioned Death God, whose very name (a four -- sometimes three -- letter word) can summon his horrible presence in the instant it is uttered or written. His vile focus is debauchery of the flesh and corruption of the mind; and unsurprisingly, he has found ready worshipers among these decadent lands.

At first, The Church had little trouble ferreting out and destroying the many cults of his devoted. Almost as if overnight, however, large monstrous defenders of these cults appeared and took their carnal vengeance upon The Church and her peoples. Such was the ferocity and tenacity of these vile beastmen, so utterly dedicated to cruelty of the flesh rather than pillage or plunder, the settlements of Catherine's Keep and the Village of Dustinov, sites of Church victories over the carnality cults, were completely annihilated with not a single survivor.

Though they have been at the root of many a tavern jest or tease, these so-called 'Bugger-Bears' are no laughing matter; for in truth, there is no physical act too cruel, too depraved or too vile to become an every day habit for them. Their raids and assaults are always sexual in nature, regardless of the race, sex or age of the victims. It is, perhaps, a blessing that few survive such attacks, as their physical wounds are grievous and prone to quick festering and rot.

These decrepit beings have little to no culture to speak of, no common language of their own, and create nothing but abuse, grief and destruction. As of this writing; no female 'Bugger-Bear' has ever been witnessed or reported, nor have their cubs or offspring. This fact has given rise to the widely accepted theory by both the Adventuring Guild and The Church of Northwind that they are actually asexual beings, specifically designed by this Demigod of Debauchery in such a manner as to take advantage of the act of rape and buggery for no other purpose but sheer cruelty.

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